Hey guys, update on THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS (plus pics of my two most prized possessions (the Dundie and the cake, I mean)). Okay: TLH is out of stock…

WE DID NOT EXPECT HOW INCREDIBLE YOU GUYS WOULD BE AND WE UNDERESTIMATED HOW FANTASTICALLY SUPPORTIVE YOU WOULD BE AND BASICALLY WE WERE FOOLS ???? Guys, I am so grateful for the response and interest in The Love Hypothesis. I wish I could articulate how grateful but I sadly am unable to (What am I? A writer??????) so just let me use a verklemptish string of emoji: ???❤️?????❤️??????????????????????? (yes I still have cake from yesterday)

I AM TOLD that my corporate daddy (Berkley) is working to get print copies of THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS back in stock ASAP! I was also told, and I am not kidding, this is 100% a real thing that happened, to remind people that “if they want hold a physical copy of [my] horny book in their hands they should reserve a copy now” (YES THIS IS A DIRECT QUOTE DO YOU SEE NOW WHY I LOVE MY TEAM?? I AM SEEN AND UNDERSTOOD). Anyway: if you want my ?HORNY? book in your hands please reserve a copy now ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (+? I guess) and it’ll be back in stock super soon! And of course if you like instant gratification it’s also available in e-book and audio!

?Thank you guys. Just thank you so much. I wasn’t able to take time off work this week (GLARING AT YOU, ACADEMIA) and I’ve been super behind with posts and messages and notifications (and emails from students, oops) but seriously, the support for my HORNY little book is giving me all the emotions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.